Antibakteriella effekt – Hur påverkas specifika bakterier av utvalda substanser?

Our project was created with the purpose of understanding how select substances affect certain bacteria and if said substances have any antibacterial effect. This method can be used for determining how resilient a bacterial species is, as specific substances are used to determine how they affect bacterial accumulation. The substances used to test the antibacterial effect were: ginger, honey, aloe vera, and lemon. The four substances were tested on Micrococcus LuteusEscherichia Coli and Bacillus Megaterium. 

We utilized a method in order to investigate if our substances have an antibacterial effect on the chosen bacteria. Repeated attempts have been made with this method in order to produce a mean of the antibacterial effect.

In general, the difference between the substances’ antibacterial effect is not significant, as it only was a matter of a few millimetres. Many different factors affected the results and several of these had to be disregarded during the process of the project. As a result of this, we have not been able to form a concrete conclusion based on our results.



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16 september, 2016