An assessment of the toxic effects of a landfill suspected as a source of pollution in Lomma Harbour,Sweden using the soil bioindicator species Lepidium sativum L. and Lactuca sativa L.

The aim of this investigation was to assess the toxicological effects of polluted soil being dispersed into unpolluted soil in a residential area in Lomma Harbour, Sweden, by using the species Lepidium sativum and Lactuca sativa as soil bioindicators.

The results showed a significant difference (p <0.05) between the two soils compared for germination, seedling length and root length. The results stated that L. sativum and L. sativa grown in soil from Lomma Harbour would have lower germination frequencies, 66% (± 9) compared to 89% (± 6) for L. sativum and 55% (± 15) compared to 84% (± 9) for L. sativa, grow shorter seedlings of L. sativum, 31 mm (± 4) compared to 35 mm (± 4) and shorter roots for L. sativa, 23 mm (± 6) compared to 41 mm (± 6), indicating that growth and germination of L. sativum and L. sativa is affected by the soil from Lomma compared to that from Löddeköpinge.



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16 september, 2016