Cost Efficient Gait Analysis Using Lasers

Gait analysis is the methodic measurement, description and evaluation of factors that affect human locomotion. It can be used for rehabilitation purposes, for optimizing sport results and lower risks of injury and as a diagnostic tool for neurological diseases, example given Parkinson. Hitherto, there are many precise methods of doing gait analysis. However, expensive equipment is often required, otherwise the only option is visual analysis, which is less reliable. This study will construct an inexpensive method to analyze gait, that is both reliable and portable. One laser was attached to each shoulder and two on a helmet put on the subjects’ heads. The lasers formed a formation of laser dots on the ceiling. The test subjects walked on a treadmill, which caused the laser dots to move. These were recorded with a camera. The video sequences were then analyzed with a program written in Matlab. The results showed the laser movement, as intended. By analysing the laser movement in different walking conditions, for example with different shoes, it was shown in this study that they differed and the method could be useful to compare gait. However, further research needs to be undertaken in order to confirm these findings.



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16 september, 2016