Nanopartiklars påverkan på Daphnia Magna & Psedomonas putida

During the last ten years the using of nanoparticles has increased noticeable. There are a lot of benefits of nanoparticles and therefore they are being used more and more both in daily products and science. It’s still quite unknown how the nanoparticles actually are affecting us and our surroundings. In this work the difference between how the nanoparticles (of the toxic substance zinc) and free particles of the same substance are affecting the water organisms Daphnia magna and Pseudonoma putida. The hypothesis was that the nanoparticles would be more toxic than the bigger particles but that wasn’t the case. For Daphnia magna there wasn’t a noticeable difference between the two substances. Pseudomona putida was rather the opposite of the hypothesis, the bigger particles were more toxic.

Frida Sundqvist och Klara Skog



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15 september, 2016