Observation av nära och avlägsna planeter: Astrometriska och fotometriska observationer

In this project two sets observations have been performed at the Tycho Brahe-observatory in Oxie, one of an exoplanet and one of an asteroid. The observations were performed with a remotecontrollable telescope and its photosensitive CCD-camera. An exoplanet is a planet in another planetary system than ours, i.e. it is orbiting another star than the sun. When it crosses in front of its host star it will block some of the light that the star emits which will cause a measurable change of light. A series of pictures where taken of the star during the eclipse on which careful photometry was performed. The expected change of light was observed in that way and has been visualized in a diagram. At the end of January the asteroid Eros passed unusually close to the Earth. In an international project with collaborating amateur astronomers from around the word the aim was to determine the distance to the asteroid as accurately as possible by measuring its parallax. To contribute to the project a series of pictures of Eros was taken on which astrometry was performed.

Max Nordin och Albin Walldén



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15 september, 2016