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Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar is a multi-disciplinary seminar inspiring youth to science, highlighting some of the most remarkable achievements by young scientists around the world.

The annual seminar takes place in Stockholm between the 4th and 11th of December containing a unique amalgamation of  science and culture program. All participants are between the ages of 18-25 and have been selected at international science fairs and by top ranking universities based on their extraordinary research efforts.

The seminar has inspired thousands of high school students during the past decades. Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar dates as far back as 1976. The first SIYSS, organized by The Swedish Federation of Young Scientists with help from the Nobel Foundation, was inspired by the United States’ Science Service. The participants were seven foreign students from the United States, former West Germany, and Atlantic college. This first program was a great success, combining exposure to Swedish science and the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies with an intense and exciting social program and we have hosted multiple successful editions.

The program brings together youths from all over the world and diverse backgrounds having similar interests and aims to inspire youth to science as well as promote international understanding and friendship.

Minds of the Future
In the new round table discussion “Minds of the Future” young brilliant minds will discuss future solutions to global issues important for the youth today. At SIYSS 2022 this was a discussion between 11 participants and the Nobel laureate David MacMillan. It’s available at . Enjoy last year’s amazing Minds of the Future and stay tuned for more information about Minds of the Future 2023!

Minds of the Future was recorded during the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar and the Nobel Week at the @nobelprizemuseum and in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum and UNICEF Global Office of Innovation.

If you are a teacher, check out SIYSS school material, where you will find all of Unga Forskares school material containing abstract, poster, presentation practice, Minds of the Future discussion appendix and much much more. 

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