For affiliated organizations

We are happy to announce that SIYSS 2022 will be held on-site in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last time in 2020, SIYSS was a successful online event. The week looked quite different from previous years but we were happy to introduce new events with various people of interest such as Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland, polar researcher Sven Lidström and many others.
The participants presented their projects to 1200 high school students and interacted with them through a live QA. They also got to share and discuss thoughts and experiences with each other and to learn more about science and culture at the events during the week.

Our aim is to always receive the participants for a week in Stockholm full of different events to have an intellectual and cultural exchange. This year we also aim to reach more individuals than ever before in more places around the world.

All of us in the SIYSS organizing committee look forward to hosting the bright, talented young scientists in 2022!



Can we select a participant under the age of 18?

No. All participants must for legal reasons be over 18 by the start of the official program.


Our participant will be chosen after the deadline for registration. Is that a problem?

Make sure that the project manager is aware of when your participant will be chosen. A small delay that we are aware of is not a problem. Please note however that the fee still needs to be paid by the set deadline.


Can we select a participant who does not speak English?

No, the week and presenations will be held in English. It is therefore crucial that the participant can understand and make themselves understood in English. 


When will we receive an invoice for the participant fee?

The invoice will be sent out around one month before the deadline for payment. Please make sure that the project manager has updated payment details for your Organization in good time before then.


Can we pay by credit card?

No, the participant fee must be wired directly to our account. Details are in the invoice.


We are not able to make the payment in SEK, are other currencies accepted?

If payment in SEK is not possible please contact the project manager. An added fee will be applied to make up for currency exchange and other associated expenditures.


We will have trouble paying in time. Can we pay later?

If you have trouble meeting the deadline, please contact the project manager as soon as possible. Note that you will be charged extra if there is a delay.


When should the participants arrive in and depart from Stockholm?

We recommend that you book flights for the participants arriving at Arlanda International Airport (ARN) at the latest 5 pm on Tuesday, December 4th, and leaving the earliest at 1 pm, Tuesday, December 11th. If possible, the orginizing committee would be grateful if the participants arrive after 10 am on Tuesday, December 4th.


Will the participants be picked up from the airport?

Yes, detailed instructions will be sent to the participant in advance of arrival.


Is a representative of our organizations able to accompany our participant during the program?

No, almost all of our events during the week are exclusively for participants.


Can family/relatives/other close ones or teachers accompany the participants to Stockholm?

Yes, but they will have to do so on their expense and may not participate in the official program.


Other questions

If you have other questions or require clarification, please contact the project manager at