Treat your students to world class international research

During the Nobel festivities, young, award-winning scientists are coming to Stockholm to exhibit their science projects to high school students. This event aims to inspire students as well as provide training in scientific literacy. This year we are proud to announce a new collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum.

Cutting-edge research

The digital seminar presentations will take place on the 9th of december 2022. The event will be broadcasted and attending is free of charge. The presentations will be made available on the 9th of December in three different sessions of presentations  starting at 8.30, 9.45 and 11.00. Each session will be about 30 min, plan to have a short session to prepare questions after each session.

The students attending the digital seminar will get the opportunity to ask questions to the scientists exclusively on December 9th. The questions will be anonymously collected, and answers will be sent out to everyone that signed up for the seminar as part of SIYSS school material.  

Register before November 27 to get all content and information directly to your email.

Scientific discourse

In February 2023, the Swedish Federation of Young Scientists in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum, will offer an intriguing round table discussion. The young scientists will discuss matters important to today’s youth together with a guest of honor (to be announced).

As a teacher, the following will be made available to you:

  • pre-recorded scientific presentations (9th of December)
  • possibility for students to ask questions to the scientists
  • pre-recorded round table talk (February 2023)
  • Supplementary teaching materials for scientific literacy training


In the meantime:

  • Last time, 2020, the seminar was held online, meaning that you still can visit the seminar whenever you like to. So, if you missed out, take part of SIYSS-seminar 2020 and inspire your students’ interest in science and technology!
  • Check out containing abstract, poster, presentation practicing and more. Almost everything from SIYSS 2019 and 2020 is available to use whenever it suits your teaching plan.
  • For more information about The Swedish Federation of Young Scientists school activities and material you can sign up for the teacher newsletter (comes out a couple of times per semester).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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