Attend the SIYSS-seminar and inspire your students’ interest in science and technology!

Signing up for SIYSS means that you will get to meet some of the world’s most talented young scientists, take part in a guided tour displaying amazing scientific projects, and attend an interesting and inspiring guest lecture. Not only does SIYSS offer inspiration, excitement and a great deal of fun while attending the seminar – the experiences and new realizations gathered during the day can easily be put to good use in the classroom afterwards.

The 2017 seminar is held on the 6th of December at the exclusive venue Cirkus in Stockholm. With its beautiful surroundings, vicinity to the city centre, and its history that dates back to 1892, we could not be happier to invite our participants and audience to this unique location.

We are also immensely proud to present Anna Rosling Rönnlund as this year’s guest lecturer. Rosling Rönnlund is the co-founder of the celebrated foundation and fact tank Gapminder, which produces free teaching resources with the self-proclaimed mission of “fighting devastating ignorance with fact-based worldviews everyone can understand”.

Signing up is free and takes only a couple of minutes!


Important information for teachers

Please consider the following when attending the SIYSS-seminar

  • Make sure that you and your class are properly checked in upon arriving to the venue.
  • In the event of your class not showing up for the seminar, you will be fined 870 SEK.
  • You are expected to stay on the premises and take part in the activities for the entirety of the time slot you have signed up for. Failing to do so is regarded the same as not showing up and you will be fined 870 SEK.
  • While attending the seminar you are responsible for your students adhering to the instructions of the SIYSS and venue staff.
  • Lunch is not included.