The history behind SIYSS goes as far back as 1976. The first SIYSS, organized by The Swedish Federation of Young Scientists with help from the Nobel Foundation, was inspired by the United States’ Science Service. The participants were seven foreign students from the United States, former West Germany and Atlantic college. The first program was a great success, combining an encounter with Swedish science and the Nobel Prize Awarding Ceremonies with an intense social program.

After some years more nations were invited to participate in the program. For the 10th SIYSS in 1985 more nationalities than ever participated in the week-long seminar. Since then, the program has been held with up to 30 participants, averaging 24 participants in the past few years. The participants are introduced to Swedish culture, science and research. Furthermore, the program brings together youths from all over the world with similar interests and thus aims to promote international understanding and friendship.

The aim of SIYSS, as for FUF, is to promote and develop the interest in natural sciences and technology among youth, which is accomplished by an inspiring seminar where our participants present their work to the Swedish high school students.

We hope that this year’s SIYSS shall be at least as interesting and enjoyable as previous ones have been!


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