Jim Allansson

Kingdom of Sweden

Luleå University of Technology



My name is Jim, I am from Sweden and will be representing Luleå University of Technology at the SIYSS seminar. My research is focused on the 7:th goal of agenda 2030, affordable and clean energy. In response to this goal more renewable electricity is being installed. Unfortunately, renewable electricity usually results in higher uncertainties, in Sweden the share of electricity derived from wind power can fluctuate between 0.5-48.8% of hourly electricity produced.

The purpose of my research is to build a model that finds the most cost-effective way to store electricity to balance these fluctuations. To do this I use linear programming and mathematical optimization to calculate the lowest possible cost while still achieving all the requirements for the energy system. Currently, I utilize two different ways of energy storage in my models, which are battery and hydrogen storage. My results show that depending on the system requirements both batteries and hydrogen can be viable electricity storage methods. Hence showing that it is possible to formulate a model that can help decide on the capacity and type of energy storage to better utilize renewable energy sources.