Bertram Madsen

Ungdommens Naturvidenskablige Forening



Cyberattacks are a threat like never before. A combination of increasing digitalization and a bigger cybercrime underground has led to a steady rise in the risk that these threats pose to our daily lives, and while we are getting effective at handling traditional crime, cybercrime has proven to be a challenge we simply don’t have the tools to solve yet.

The goal of OSINTer is to provide the cybersecurity community with these very tools. OSINTer is a digital platform consisting of a set of tools, which aims to provide specalists within different cybersecurity sectors the needed information to spot trends within cyberspace and use this to build a prognosis that can help preventing future cyberattacks.

Today OSINTer is already deployed internally at the Swedish firm Combitech, in collaboration with which it was developed, and is being used as a central piece of infrastructure for a small team of specialists. In the future we are looking to further expand the OSINTer toolset with better infrastructure and machine learning, to increase the usefulness of OSINTer, and hopefully drive adoption of the tool in the industry.