The lack of access to water is one of the biggest problems facing us now and in the future. More than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. The fact is that the lack of clean water is responsible for more deaths in the world than war.

We are often commented to buy bottled water when we are travelling abroad, and in many countries there is no drinking water at all. Most of these countries all have a warm climate and we tried to invent a device that could use the solar energy, but also take advantage of the fact that many of these countries have a lot of salt water surrounding them.

We invented a system based on that we first filter sea water (salt water), then boiled it and thereafter we exposed the water to ultraviolet radiation. The whole process is controlled by a control system and the system does not require more energy than the sun itself. The cost of construction of the system is currently quite high but with the help from experts in the field of water treatment the system can be developed and optimized, resulting in lower total cost. However it must be noted that the system is expected to function for over 30 years before it needs replacing, so this system is an investment that is profitable.

Our future plans are in the long term to create a similar system on a larger scale that can provide drinking water to bigger villages in sunny countries and in countries lacking drinking water.



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15 september, 2016